VFX Project Start (Adobe Premiere) :Flying

I have learned how to edit video footage and apply special effects using Adobe Premiere.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.28.32 PM

First I opened the menu to adobe, then I started a new project, I then named that project Edit 1. I then proceeded to set the project location to my desktop. I then imported the footage sent to me into Adobe premiere and then dragged it into the editing window. I then learned to zoom in and out of the selected editing tab using the sliders.

My own work:

This is my finished piece for my flying VFX work.

To create this I used adobe premier pro to edit footage that was taken in my film group,

This is the unedited version:

To go from this footage to the edited version i proceeded to use premier pro.

Evidence: Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.03.14 AM

I  used a variety of different sources to create my footage such as a smoke effect and the take off sound, taken from youtube (Copyright free). I also edited an image from the original footage taken to do this I selected a frame from the footage and put it in photoshop and removed everything except the subject (Person) in the image,Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.45.30 AM.png

I continued to use the image by dragging it into the editing window and selected it and went into the effect controls. There I selected the stopwatch looking icon on the position tab. i then proceed a key frame at the exact point where Sam (the subject) jumped off the ground and then I created a key frame so that the image kept going upwards.

I believe the work done on this project is satisfactory but can still be improved like for example, the outline of the Photoshop-ed image could be more defined.

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