Platformer 2D Games

  1. Ristar

Ristar Ristar is a platform game developed by Sonic team, in this game the player (an anthropomorphic star) uses their hands and stretchable arms to fight enemies. similar to Sonic the hedgehog and Super Mario and those various types of games.

The goal of the game is to move the character (Ristar) through the level to the end. having to avoid taking damage from enemies and obstacles. the main weapon Ristar uses is its arms to grab enemies and pulls it towards whatever is being grabbed like enemies which Ristar head-butts while the enemy is grabbed and can also be used for opening chests and interacting with the environments  various features. Ristar’s health can be shown by the stars in the upper right hand corner, taking damage removes one star and losing all stars removes one life the player can also swing using star handles needed to access the rest of the level. Ristar travels to different planets with 2 levels for each one, the first level containing a mini-boss and the second containing a major, more difficult boss.

2.Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic start screen

Sonic is a platform type video and the objective of the game is to defeat doctor Robotnik. The idea of its gameplay is using rings (Collectibles) as a health system, so if you take damage when you have rings collected  you lose those rings (but can still collect them for a short period of time) and if you take damage when you don’t have rings, you lose a life. The player can roll into a ball to either; combat enemies, pass over obstacles and to simply go faster.


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