Wagon wheels

Wagon wheel (mid)

Using various tools and many polygons I created wagon a wheel. How I did this is I  used cylinders  and used the edge tool along with using the scale to extrude the centre cylinder. To get the middle of the wheel I used a polygon cylinder and then proceeded to extrude the middle and edges outward.Extrude tool

I made the spokes using polygon cylinders and then made 8 in total and proceeded to spread them out inside the wheel while still connected to the middle section.


wagon wheel 1wagon wheel 2

Wagon wheel 3

Critique: Personally i think this model is good and that it can be used as a good model for a 3D game. the spokes are well placed and centered and the wheel is an adequate size for a wagon to be added on afterwards. I think this model would be best suited for an old western type game. Personally my favourite part of this model is the centre part of the model. I think my model works well if it is used as a background resource.



I believe this texture was the right choice to use because it goes well with the model for the theme of old western and this old wood texture attributes to that. I think I could improve this model by making the spokes a little slimmer. I think the texture could be improved to give the wheel a definite wood feel to it.

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