My 2D Platform Game

Circuit Point Brake

My platformerWith this Gif I recorded of my game it demonstrates the core features of my game such as running jumping and also idle.


To run you use the left and right directional keys and as an alternative, use the A and D keys, to jump you use the space key as well as the left ctrl key.


It is a techno beat (music) cyber style platform type game where you are a living circuit board named Switch, trying to save his world from losing power and ultimately being destroyed, determined to save his home he goes out in search of the Eternal battery; a almost limitless supply of energy that is currently split in two during the great storm.

Objective: The objective of this game for each level is to collect a crystal that can be found at the end of each level.

Interface: I have added an interface into my game, this interface it the timer at the top of the screen this timer starts as soon as you start the game and shows how long it takes for you to complete the level.

Other mechanics: I have also added a timer to my game to give a sense of competition and to make it fun. I have also added a digital font to go along with the kind of digital cyber vibe I have chosen.

Focal point:

Directing the character to the main objective while also being able to have a secondary objective that the character can also achieve.


A sound effect or action indicating a change in the game.

Announce Change:

Communicating change to the player, this happens between anticipation and the actual event taking place

 Believable Events and Behaviour:

Something logical to occur.

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