Dynamite (Maya)

Dynamite finished

I have finished my attempt at a bundle of dynamite. To do this used the cylinder primitive which can be found under the polygon tab in Mayacylinder, I then used the keys; control (ctrl) and the D key to copy the cylinder and put them together as a four. I also added a texture to the dynamite.Stick of dynamite I then proceeded to create a fuse for each “stick” of dynamite, I did this by using the torus primitive under the polygon tabTorus polygon, but obviously I had to cut about 3/4’s of the primitive to get the desired shape by doing this I selected the object then held the right mouse button to bring up a menu then select the “Face” tab, with the addition of that option, you can now select each side of that object separately which makes it easier to delete a section of the object. I also added a texture to the fuse. Torus fuse cut

I also used an uncut torus primitive to use as a sort of binding for the dynamite.Dynamite binding

Overall I think I did a decent attempt at this but I think there is room to improve, such as using a more realistic texture for the binding and the casing.

Reference material:


Model Textures: These are the textures I added through using hyper shade. I didn’t use the UV editor because it is a basic cylinder and doesn’t need moving around.

This texture is used for the dynamite stick.red-orange-soft-carpet-texture-background

This is the texture I used for the binding.Black


This is the texture for the dynamite fuse.

This is the model without any textures.

Dynamite un textured

In criticism of my work I feel this was a little hard to create because of the fuse’s unusual shape. I could improve the model by creating a more binding to the dynamite for realism, I could also improve upon the materials by giving them more of a grainy texture. I think my model is somewhat close to some of the reference photos. I am sure that this model is suitable as a game implement or more so as background object, to make it suitable as a main game object i could make it more compact and give it better bindings to tie them together.

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