Mine cart (Maya)

Finished model:

Mine cart finish

I finished my work on my mine cart and have completed its design.

I did this by primarily using polygon cubesCube polygon for the main parts of the mine cart and used polygon cylinderscylinder for the wheels.

Mine cart wheelMine cart main cart

I then polygon cubes to my design but then realized a problem. the textures for my cart didn’t fit properly since the object was stretched to much, so I then decided to use polygon cubes to fit inside the cart and then add the textures. Overall I think I performed adequately.



In criticism of my work i realize that i could add a push bar to the main cart to add a greater sense of realism.

I think this model was somewhat easy to make and adding the textures were simple enough.I think that I could improve the textures by adapting them to the specific object.

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