A Heroes Journey

A heroes journey is a broad category of tales to involve an ascension of sorts.


The 12 stages:

  1. Ordinary world– the world before the hero takes action. Assassins creed 2: the world before The assassin Ezio Auditore joins the assassins brotherhood, when he was just a citizen of Italy.Use-a-Pistol-in-Assassin's-Creed-2-

2. Call to Adventure – Something which directs the hero towards adventure. Mass Effect 3: Earth is attacked by an ancient alien race known as the reapers, Commander Shepard then leads the fight to the reapers by having his own crew and ship.


3. Refusal of call– The hero reconsiders/refuses to take action. Lego The Hobbit: Bilbo declines Gandalf’s request for Bilbo to join him on his adventure.


4. Meeting the mentor– The teacher/ guide that teaches the hero/ protagonist. Star wars the force unleashed 2: Star killer (The player) meets, his mentor Darth Vader in an epic battle after Darth Vader hid Star killers true past.


5.Crossing the threshold– Entering into an unknown world of adventure. Lego Harry Potter years 1-4: Harry potter and the Weasleys Literally cross the threshold into a world of magic.

crossing the threshhold

6. Tests, Allies and Enemies– Meeting rivals and friends while facing challenges. Horizon Zero Dawn:: To become a brave in the tribe and compel the matriarchs into giving her information on her birth, she must compete against other members of the tribe, some being enemies, while some are allies, all having to pass a test

Enemies, allies and tests

7. Approach of inner most cave– experiencing major change. Assassins Creed 3: young Connor has to escape his village while it is burning down.

Major change

8.Ordeal, Death and Rebirth: Assassins Creed Brotherhood: Ezio’s home of Monteriggioni is attacked and Ezio is left gravely wounded.

Ordeal, death and rebirth

9. Reward– Mad Max: Winning the car known as the Big Chief in a race against Stank gum.

Mad max reward


10.Road back: Far Cry 4:The playable character returning his mothers ashes to her shrine.

far cry 4 return

11.Resurection: Mad Max: Max is defeated by Scrotus and left for dead, but narrowly survives.


12. Return with solution: Dragon age inquisition: The inquisitor (the player) learns to properly wield the mark on their hand and seals the massive breach in the sky.


The 7 Hero archetypes:

Hero: The main protagonist- Spider-Man (Spider-Man)

Type Hero

Mentor: The guide to the main character – Rost ( Horizon Zero Dawn)

Type Mentor.jpg

Ally: Assists the player through the game. Codsworth (Fallout 4)


Herald: Calls the player to action. The Riddler ( Batman Arkham Knight)


Trickster: A character with greater intellect and secret knowledge. Griffa (Mad Max)


Shape shifter: The character who is not what they first appear to be ( Josh- Until Dawn – Psycho Killer)

Josh Until Dawn

Guardian: Protects the player from the dangers of the world. (Reggie- Main characters brother- Infamous Second Son)

Reggie Rowe infamous second son

Shadow: An conscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego not identify in itself- the joker in batman’s sub-conscious mind.-

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150921142652

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