Concept of Play

Play: to engage in an activity for enjoyment rather than a serious purpose.

where and why this would be important examples: during a game of fifa for example: if the ball goes in the goal you gain a point, you must

Sport: playing certain games to play without any seriousness e.g. dodge ball, baseball

Structured and unstructured play:

Structured play: Adult led direction with a specific task to help others to learn. during this players are introduced to new ideas and mechanics. for example Most racing games:

For example; in racing games such as the Forza franchise, if you go off the track you gain a time penalty. Another example is Fifa; in this game if you get the ball outside the white outer box surrounding the pitch, its an out of bounds and the ball goes to the other player. And in traditional 2d plat former game like Mario if an enemy touches you. you lose health or even lose a life.

‘Play’ in society: Play is important in society to develop the youth as it improves there emotional, physical states and help them to become more social. It also give parents another way to bond with there children and enjoy time together. This also give people time to relax and remove themselves from a stressful situation for a short time at least. In some game it will also help the young children develop academically and help them learn new skills.

Structured Play

Unstructured Play: Play without guidance open ended without direction. for example, Mine craft: a free roam sandbox game where almost anything is possible.unstructured play game


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