Art Theory in Games


Fez Title

The art style for Fez is fun and playful with a sense of imagination with its floating structures and weird constructs. The colour is used in a way that tells the player this is a positive game and to have that same mentality, it also shows this in its use of light, to show positivity.

Perspective: The perspective in this game is wider because of the 2D aspect of the game gives it a more spread out view. This game uses unseen perspectives to its advantage by making rotating the view and creating solutions for this platformer.

Arrangement: the levels in this game are arranged to be a puzzle type platform with its use of 3D rotation while still having a 2D character as well as 3D components.

Fez style


Overwatch title

Colour is used in this game to show the personalities of the characters, colour tends to directs players to specific characters depending on their preference.

Light is sometimes used in Overwatch to show enhanced movement with some characters with trails of light for example; Tracer using her “blink” ability.

Perspective is used in this game to direct the player towards where the enemy is coming from, for example; when you spawn you are in an area where the only exit is directed towards the enemies direction. The levels are arranged in a way to challenge players and make it a battlefield..


Limbo Title

Colour is used in this game to highlight the darkness of the worlds environment surrounding the player, it directs the player towards the white thats in contrast to the black.

Light is used in this game to give hope to the player and guide the player to the end of each level, the light brings out a sense of hope and positivity in the negative and dark world that is seen

Perspective: is used to show the player where to go like in this game the player is directed towards the right of the level.

Arrangement : its used in this game to make it puzzling for the player and pushes the player to use the surrounding objects. the character is seen as proportionally smaller to most objects in the game.

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