Wooden Table

wooden table model 2I finished the creation of my own Wooden table. To do this I used Autodesk Maya. I used tools in Maya to create this model, one such tool was the cube primitive Cube polygon. I used the primitive cubes and scaled them to create a more long cuboid shape and they were made to become the legs, I then copied and shortened the legs and used those as the supports that connect the table legs together. I also used the cube primitive to create a square on the grid then I scaled it to make the width a little thicker. I then placed the cube onto the table legs to make a table top

wooden table model 3

But to get the desired look for my model I used the rotateRotate tool image and moveMove tool image tools found at the left hand side of the program layout. The Cube primitives I used for this model had to vary in size to fit the image of the desired object.

Texture:Wood Textures

I used this texture on my model to make it look old and wooden. I put it on my model using the Hyper Shade Tooltools (textures).


The texture I used fit really well with the theme of old western.

Assessment of work: Overall I rate this model a 5/10, I give it this rating because I think its a good model, but I think it can be improved. I give the colour and texture of this model a 4/10 because its a decent attempt to cover the object but it can benefit from the texture being re-mapped so it doesn’t look so generic.

I don’t think this model would be suitable for 3D game because models in 3D games are detailed fully to give a sense of immersion, but this model is just too raw for that, maybe if it was refined and detailed it could be.

I think this model would be suitable for a low resolution 3D with the other object being only slightly detailed.

What I personally like about this model is the connection supports linking the four table legs together. I think my model does work alright.

I think this model can be improved my giving it more details such as making more uneven to give it its own unique features, the textures could be improved by remapping it to make it look more realistic and to make it seem less painted on.

Final Outcome:

table final



Wooden table ref 3

Wooden table ref 2Wooden table ref 1

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