My Critiqued Game Pitch

I have showed my work to my peers and received reviews from 3 of them, I also reviewed other peoples game pitches. Using this I can continue to improve upon my game. My peers; Sam, Sean and Dean have all gave me feedback on my pitch.


Sam’s response to my game was that he “liked the setting of the game”, he also said that the unique selling point in his opinion is “The Fact you can go in and out of outlets is cool and how the game is inside the circuit board” (I plan on making this a key point in the game). Sam’s idea to develop my idea further was “I would develop this by telling us which other areas you can access”. I plan on creating a variety of other levels and hidden areas which require a certain ability used by the player. He also said that 3 of the stand out features were; the ability to go in and out of outlets, how the player is a circuit board and how the player is looking for a battery. he felt like this was realistic by saying “I feel like the design will really bring this to life”. His final thoughts and feedback were “The pitch is solid every question I have had has been answered by it. Add more ways to play it rather than just steam” Steam will just be to get feedback from many more people and get a feel on what is need for my game, steam is just a steeping stone to develop my game.


Sean’s response to my game  was ” I like the story of the game” I plan to add to the story to make it more fun and interesting (maybe by making a villain to the game) . He said the unique selling point is ” That you can go in and out of outlets” His thoughts on developing this idea further is “By Making it 3D” I feel that the fact that I have been tasked to create a 2D game kind of makes this comment not very useful right now,  though I could create a 3D concept of the game.  Sean also said the 3 stand out features were ” The background, mechanics and the enemies” I feel as though I can elaborate upon the enemies more to create a better understanding . He thinks the game pitch is realistic because he has said ” Yes because it could be a good game” his final thoughts are that “the game looks great and will be enjoyable”


What Dean liked about my game was ” The idea behind the game and the fact that the character is a circuit board” I have decided to somewhat change the character design. He also thought the unique selling point is ” The design and the look of the game” (I should give a more clear view of the game like actual images of gameplay), he suggested that to develop the idea further I should show a level design ( I need to develop my levels further to make them presentable). He also added that the 3 stand out features were; The design, the idea and the plot. Dean said that the pitch was realistic because ” it addressed the key points in a development point of view”. his final thoughts on the game were” it was a good pitch/game” and his feedback was ” talk about controls” (I will figure out the controls for my game).

These comments and ideas will help me in creating a better game.

Self Critique:

Slide 1: This slide is used to represent what my pitch is about, looking at it now I feel like It didn’t quite do that. the good points about it though is that I let the viewer know who the presentation is made by and the name of the company.

Game pitch s1.PNG

Slide 2: This slide is used to just tell you what the game is about. I feel like I could added the enemies into the summary and also add them to a later slide as a game mechanic.Game pitch s2

Slide 3: This slide was to make the viewer get into the mind set to visualize my game. thinking about it I don’t really see the need of this slide.Game pitch s3.PNG

Slide 4: I Feel as though this slide did a good job as it was used to show where I found inspiration for my game.

Game pitch s4

Slide 5: I feel as though this slide has served its purpose to inform the viewer of the age rating and genre and target audience the images helped with this.Game pitch s5.PNG

Slide 6: This slide is one of the more important slides in my pitch, I think I could have elaborated on some of the mechanics.Game pitch s6

Slide 7: This slide is used to describe the many levels that will be in the game, I should have written about more level ideas instead of just one.Game pitch s7.PNG

Slide 8: This slide shows the cost of each resource needed for the game to be made. I feel as though I could have explained more fully on my sales idea and funding.Game pitch s8.PNG

Overall I think my pitch was good in informing the viewers of what my game pitch is about and I feel like those who have critiqued my pitch have reviewed it as being good.

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