Point Perspective

Point perspective drawing is used to show an image in a certain direction.

1 Point Perspective: 1 point perspective drawing is a method showing how things appear to get smaller as they get further away, the colours to the drawing also fades away and becomes more washed out. Drawing in one point is the equivalent to drawing a picture ‘front on’ like looking at only one side of something like a wall or one side of a cube as well as looking down something long such as this image.1 point perspective 2

This image shows a 1 point perspective with it showing just one view of an image with one side being a row of buildings and the other side being telephone poles and going towards the vanishing point which is in the center of the image.

I have attempted my own one point perspective drawing in the form of a futuristic gun which has a look of a home appliance.

3P perspective

The image above shows a drawing shown in a 3 point perspective. 3 point perspectives shows an image on 3 points and they can be: above, the sides and below. This image shows the sides and above the houses that have been drawn and then on each side of the image they’re is a vanishing point.

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