My Model reviews (Update/Peer Review)

I have received criticism that I have found constructive; for example I have been told that the handle for my shield design looked a bit weird to them in the aspect of holding it being to awkward Final Shield Design Back pic

Final Shield Design pic

I have made the appropriate adjustments to my design and have used a tool i will start to use more often and that is the weld tool weld tool pic  this tool is used to connect separate vertices together  to make it edge less, it can also be used to connect two or more entirely separate objects.

I have also almost finished my War Hammer creation which will be my designated weapon of choice.

War hammer pic

I believe that this model needs some more work on it so then it can look like a real weapon, it has been said to me that this model reminds them of the Pixar lamp.]


Overall I believe there is still room for improvement

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