My 2D Game

This blog is to show that I have created my own 2D game in unity using assets I have created:

2D Game Gif

The game above shows all of the mechanics and assets that I have implemented into the game such as: My own Pickax design using code to make it auto move, I created my own cave wall as the background.

Cave backgroundPickaxe finished

To show the player aspects of the mechanics which would be the physics and jumping involved in the game.Rock Player

The GIF below showcases the mechanics used to move the player as well as the physics that effects the character.2D Game GIF

It also shows how the player interacts with another asset that I designed which would be the wooden planks that are used as supports in the game to emphasize the mine shaft theme. For the floors I also created my own rock floor.This design was more of a borrowed work That I altered to fit my game.

worn wood texture

Cobble stone floor.png

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