Bones and Joints in Maya

Each joint can have one or more bone attached to it, and more than one child joint. Joints let you transform a skeleton when posing and animating a bound model.

Using joints is just the first step to rigging a character model the next steps include parenting the joints and then using the joints and the mesh and skinning those two together you can then begin the process of painting skin weights which can be accessed in the skin tab and using this method it increases the quality of the rig by making the movements more precise.

Skinning a model

Skin painting weight.PNG

Overall I believe that this is a straightforward method of rigging and can be easily learnt.

The aspect of what I need to improve upon is the use of joints in the mesh and using the right amount for each part of the rig. But I do believe the joints I have made so far have been done well.


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