Blog Checklist

Production management:

PM2 Plan the provision of requirements for a specific production.

Our project was based on the theme of metal and glass and from that we decided to create a history based interactive learning experience about the history of Sunderland which has been primarily shown through metal and glass. I think the ship building of Sunderland links to the theme and our use of historical landmarks and events shows this as well

Asset list:

Asset list


Technical specification:

Tech spec

Production schedule:

Production schedule

Scrum Sheet:

Scrum diddly um bum

Game video:


PM 3 Be able to co-ordinate a production process.

The roles of a basic game design team has basically been spread out between me and my team mate Joseph. this has been roles like: environmental design, 3D model creation, level design and planning. the other roles considered aren’t as necessary as they didn’t have an importance with how the game would be created.

We are dividing the work up equally from the production schedule, work to do later on will be discussed. The schedule has been organized in a way to create less of a stressful workload.

PM 4 Know how to complete industry standard documentation.

The documents presented all have a purpose: the scrum sheet is design to record progress and issues in the group, Asset lists are used to show what is actually going into the project/game. a production schedule is used to schedule each task to increase effectiveness.

PM 5 Know how to organize and schedule post production activities

We have the assets we want to put into the game planned out and through that we have added the assets to the production schedule.

Working in Games, Animation and VFX Industries

WI 4 Be able to work effectively to an industry brief.

We are using the production schedule to show what needs doing and when. The things I have been working on contain elements of metal and glass and the idea to create them are influenced from said elements which links into the brief.

WI 5 Know the principles of AGILE and scrum SCRUM as project management techniques

Scrum is something like a term to use like brainstorming but instead its tackling certain problems in the group and finding solutions and its also used for progress reports. Agile is a set of principles or more specifically a thought process and can be considered to be an ideology which once taken into consideration what that means, you can start to think about how agile means to follow a set of principles or a set of tasks for example for what the product will be in the end. It helps the project to stay on task and to never forget where its supposed to be headed.


WI 6. Be able to work effectively in a team on a time constrained project

My time is somewhat organized but we can stand to be better at organization. I have been interacting with my team regularly and in a friendly and calm manner. We haven’t had to make any changes as we already work well as a team, i have had to be more open with my progress. I think we made considerable progress toward our production schedule.


Images and Sounds for Imaging Worlds

SIW 2 Be able to use traditional techniques and digital processes to produce art with accompanying sound for an imagined world concept

I have made assets for my game using Auto desk Maya and then exported them to use in unity. We have used sound in the trailer of our game.

ISIW 3 Know how diegetic and non-diegetic sounds are used to enhance the aura of an imagined world

Diegetic sounds are sounds that have a source that can be seen on screen where as non- diegetic sounds or sounds which have a source off screen. The proper use of diegetic and non diegetic sound can enhance the immersion of a game and also enhance the overall atmosphere of a video. non diegetic sound in a game can create a sense of a much larger world than is actually seen.

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