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From my research I have gathered its common for most game companies to follow the traditional pipeline for game production  which includes the beginning is brainstorming the idea which is first used to start the initial version of the game if it is approved. further along the production the





Job Roles and Hierarchies:

  1. WII1. Understand job roles, career structures and business models across the games, animation and VFX industries.

Games Industry:




3D Modelling Artist


Technical Art:


Game music composer: They are the people that create the overall atmosphere of the game through sound.



Quality assurance:

Games Tester: Game testers test different aspects of a game and report on each bug that they find. They then re-test it when the development team have fixed the reported bugs along with grammatical graphics and or audio issues. Game testers work to deadlines  and understand there importance in the industry. Another role in the quality assurance aspect if the industry is the build engineers, their role is to continuously update the game.

I think juniors in industry are newer editions to the company and junior essentially means that they lack experience in that industry as apposed to seniors which have experience, then its lead which is higher because they lead the project. I think that directors are higher.








World building

The world I am building (as well as my team) is a world that showcases the variable aspects of Sunderland and its many focal points in its history.metal and glass world early snapshot

This is a snapshot of our world so far, this goes in line with what we are doing essentially, our world is more about what is in it.

History of the world in world building:

Its important to think about the history of the world if the world you are creating has a story. With using real world history for your game its common to tweak the outcome of events to fit the theme of the world that’s been created.





Target audience and market research

WII 2. Know the regulatory, ethical and legal requirements applicable to the games, animation and VFX industries
WII3. Understand how products in the games, animation and VFX industries are taken to market.

Target audience: a particular group at which a product such as a film or advertisement is aimed

Define: defining a target audience is about targeting people who fit what your product  is about and what kind of people fit that demographic, for example a product could be directed towards teenagers who are also gamers.

the summary of the video titled: Making Indie Games that sell

This video basically is about how doing market research is incredibly beneficial.



Production management: Agile and Scrum.

Agile: Agile is a set of principles or more specifically a thought process and can be considered to be an ideology which once taken into consideration what that means, you can start to think about how agile means to follow a set of principles or a set of tasks for example for what the product will be in the end.

An agile tool that is useful is called a Scrum: A scrum consists of : a plan, a build, the test of the build and then a review of the test, this is to finish features of a product and this is repeated for each feature until each is completed for release this individual segments are called sprints.

Scrum roles required are: Scrum master


Employment types.

WII 1. Understand job roles, career structures and business models across the games, animation and VFX industries.

Sole Trader: a sole trader is the exclusive owner of a business, entitled to keep all profits after tax has been paid but liable for all losses

A sole trader may work in the game industry


Mini Mock Feedback Reflection

  1. Review your feedback, What


I need to develop my responses by giving them reasons why I’ve decided





Production pipeline





Mock Reflection.

I feel as though I am happy with the grade i was given for my mock paper, and I have received this grade because i failed to answer a question fully and didn’t answer it as in depth as I could.


The feedback I was given by my peer concerning question 2 for my mock was to talk more about how the changing of a demographic could be done by changing different things


Job Roles and Interactions:

My job role: 3D Artist


You would get this job by purely advertising yourself.

As a freelance artist you would do whatever you have been hired to do

Full Time:

I would get this job

Temporary Contract:




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