Imagined Worlds

I have joined a group and started a project, this project is to fit around the idea of metal and glass so from this the idea of the group is to center it around ships and that will be done through a game that will act as showcase for the 3d modelling work

Below is the technical specification for our imagined world project.

Tech spec.PNG


Audio Plan

This audio plan was made in the use of our project and is for the direction of various sounds that will be used for our project.

Imagine worlds SCRUM sheet

This is a scrum sheet for my team for a week of our pre-production.

This is a blueprint for an area of our imagined worlds project.blueprint 2.jpg


He is our asset list.

Asset list



Our game is a 3D adventure game centered around the ship yards of Sunderland the name of which is Port Shine

Pre-production checklist

This Pre-production Schedule is to monitor my teams progress through the development of our project.

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