Synoptic Project

The start of my synoptic project was to plan and pitch an idea for either a: Animation project, Game design project and a VFX project. I decided to plan a Game design project by the name of Gorilla mania.

gp slide 1

gp slide 2

gp slide 3

gp slide 4

gp slide 5

gp slide 6

These are the slides I used for my Game pitch

These slides cover:

  • What the character is going to be
  • What are the levels going to be
  • The style that is being aimed for
  • The elevator pitch for the game
  • The thought out game idea

this is the storyboard to go with my pitch:

storyboard for pitch, incomplete

Now as you can see this storyboard is incomplete, due to current events i do not have the tools required to improve upon this storyboard. But in regards to it this storyboard shows the character of my pitch a gorilla has escaped the zoo which was his home and once he is free, he has decided to be mischievous and mess with local population.

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